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Dear Prima Parents and Students,

For over ten years, Prima Ballet School has provided students with exciting performance experiences through its Recitals and Performances.  Recital is  a rite of passage for thousands of dancers; their chance to shine in front of family and friends.  Students anticipate their Recital with  nervous excitement.

A big part of the dance training process includes learning through performance. The experience helps to build self-esteem, self-assurance, and contributes to a sense of confidence. Performance opportunities contribute to children’s success in non-dance activities. The onstage experience can result in better in-school presentations, improved social skills, and strong interview skills for future college or job opportunities. 

The rehearsal process is a tremendous learning experience as well. It helps your Dancer to  develop retention skills, as well as to learn the positive aspects of working in a team.

It is the responsibility of the entire community (students, parents, teachers and directors), to do their part to make a great show. The recital is only as successful as we make it - let's work together to make the recital a magical experience for your Dancer!

We’ve created an online guide in an effort to clarify Prima Ballet Schools' preferred recital process. It can be found below.

We look forward to a great show!
Directors & Staff



Recital Dates:

Recital DateJune 11, 2002 

Venue: Oshawa Little Theatre

62 Russett Ave, Oshawa L1G 3R5

STUDENT SIGN-IN TIME: please drop your child off to one of our backstage volunteers - 3 numbers BEFORE THEY ARE DUE TO GO ONSTAGE.

SHOW TIME:  6:00 PM - 8:30 PM                                   RECITAL


 1:00 - 3:30  Recital The Early Show

 We appreciate that many of you want to bring a lot of family and extended family members! This is indeed a time to celebrate.  Our 6:00 pm show has sold out!  We have now opened a second show starting at 1:00pm.  

In order to have a wonderful show for all parents and dancers, we request that all Dancers be at both shows.

STUDENT SIGN-OUT TIME:  please pick up your Dancer from the back stage waiting room as soon as their dance is over.


Get Measured

All of our Prima Dancers from Tots through to our Prima Ballerinas have now been measured for costumes.

Our costume orders have been submitted.


Buy Costume:

Participation in the Prima recital experience requires the purchase of one recital costume per class.

We pride ourselves on selecting adorable, age appropriate costumes that students and families will love!

Girls costume includes: a costume on a hanger, in a garment bag

Boys costume includes: a costume, on a hanger and in a garment bag.

We have worked really hard to keep costume fees low (we know its been a rough few years) : Most costumes are $60.00 plus HST unless otherwise specified in your invoice.

Payments are due by the end of April, 2022.  You will be invoiced directly


Home Practice

Please remind your Dancer to practice, practice and practice some more.  Practising at home is vital to how confident your Prima Dancer will be on stage.


Recital Tickets:

The recital ticket fees covers the cost of the entire experience for your dancer.

For example, the theatre venue, theatre & backstage staff, online ticketing, on site parking fees, photography set up for family photos.

Recital tickets will be sold through the Oshawa Little Theatre Box Office.  There are a few tickets available for "babes in arms".  These tickets are on a first come first serve basis.  These are available for babies under 12 months.  The amount of tickets available is decided by Oshawa Little Theatre.  Prima Ballet School has no control over how many tickets are available.


tickets must be ordered on line.  There will be no ticket sales at the box office on the day of - as per Oshawa Little Theatre.  TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE


Photo Week

Photo shoot day:  June 25th at the studio - please arrive in costumes.  Older dancers should arrive in their first costume and bring the rest of their costumes in a garment bag.  Please ensure everything you bring is labelled.  We will be on a tight time line which will be emailed to you.  Hair and Make up should be done at home please.  No hair spray or gel may be used inside the studio.


dancer arrival for recital / rehearsal:

Please come to the "stage doors" back of the theatre in the parking lot.  

All children must be left with the capable Prima staff or volunteers for the entire rehearsal time (they will sit in the theatre in their groups.  All parents are welcome to stay in the lobby or lounge during the recital.  We will try and have the rehearsal on the television in the lounge.

For recital - Dancers must be dropped of by a parent to the back stage holding area 2 dances before they are on stage.  Once a Dancer completes their dance - please pick up your child immediately from the same area.

The goal of this time is to familiarize your child with the theatre stage, backstage, dressing room and process. 

Parents can grab a coffee or snack at the Prima Snack Bar, or do some local shopping to pass the time. 

It is our goal to make the entire recital experience a complete JOY for you and your Dancer.


Dressing Rooms:

The children will not stay in the dressing rooms for any period of time. Dancers (10 and up who have multiple changes will have access to a change room)

The dressing rooms are used for the bathroom facilities, leaving your child's coats, boots and bags and a quiet place should your child need a moment. 

Dressing rooms are to be used by female family members to help their Dancer change (if they have multiple changes).  Please do not have your Dancer keep items of value in the Dressing Room.  Prima and Oshawa Little Theatre are not responsible for any stolen or lost  items.  There is to be NO FOOD OR DRINK in any of the dressing rooms.

Dressing room #1
 - Minis, Petites, Tots if you need somewhere to keep your belongings or to change 
Dressing room #2
 - Apprentice, Corps de Ballet, 
Dressing room #3
 - Prima Ballerina only / Adults

Please do not pack messy foods or drinks for your child, as we don't want any spills on the costumes.


Hair, Make-up & Tights

HAIR:  ALL GROUPS ALL AGES:  middle part, low ballet bun.  Please make sure buns are secure.

- Some of the older groups, solos and duets - may have a different hair style which will be communicated to the Dancers by the Teacher.

If a hair piece is provided you will have a note home telling you which side to place the hair piece on.  Please ensure hair pieces are very secure on your Dancers head

Make-up: TOTS, MINIS AND PETITES: make up is optional.  If you choose to wear make up please do pink lip, pink blush and a pink eyeshadow, mascara should you choose to.

Prima Apprentice, Prima Corps de Ballet and Prima Ballerina: foundation (if desired), red lip, red blush, gold eyeshadow, mascara or false eyelashes (as decided by you).

Tights: Tights are mandatory under your child's costume. The required tights are the same as what your Dancer wears to class.  Please ensure they are clean with no rips or runs

Stage tights are not going to match your child's skin tone. All of our tights are "classical ballet pink" and have no correspondence with ethnicity. 


Short Rehearsal:

No parent will be allowed to remain backstage during the rehearsal or the show for any reason. Should your child have a medical condition or safety issue that our staff needs to be aware of, please submit it in writing to: admin@primaballetschool.ca before APRIL 1, 2022

Please be advised that it is Prima's mission to make the recital a positive experience for all involved. We reserve the right to prevent your child from performing onstage if your child is demonstrating any kind of physical or emotional distress. Even in this case, we must adhere to the no refund policy on recital tickets and recital costumes.

There is NO PHOTOGRAPHY OR VIDEOGRAPHY allowed during the show or in the Theatre.  Please just sit back and enjoy the moments.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation. 


How to Prepare:

  • Ensure your child has slept well the night before. 

  • Ensure your child has had a good breakfast. 

  • Please ensure that your child has gone to the bathroom BEFORE leaving your home.

  • Students MUST arrive to the theatre dressed in their costume. If a student has multiple changes they can change in the provided change rooms. One parent is allowed to help a Dancer change if needed.

  • Remind your child to ask a grown up for help if needed.

  • Prima has arranged many staff members to help with our performance.

What to Bring:

  • You may pack food and drink for your child, however, please use disposable packaging. No food or drink are allowed in the Theatre.

  • Make sure your child has brought all costume pieces, shoes, tights, and accessories the theatre and that every item is clearly marked with your child's name.

  • Do not bring any extra items that can be lost, broken or stolen. 

  • Prima Ballet School, (Staff, Volunteers) and the Theatre Staff will not be held responsible for ANY lost, broken, or stolen items while at the theatre.

In Case of Emergency:

Prima Ballet School makes every effort to create a safe, fun, positive, rewarding and enjoyable recital experience for you, your guests and your child. 

However, should there be a case where Prima needs to contact you; it is your responsibility to ensure that your contact information is correct in our database. 


The Program:

The recital will last approximately 2 HOURS
The recital will include a final bow at the end which includes all of our Prima Dancer

  1. Title: Don't Stop Me Now
    Choreographer: Ms. Kalie Hunter
    Dancers: Amelia, Ava, Sarah, Shayla
  2. Title: Winnie the Pooh
    Choreographer: Ms. Kalie Hunter
    Dancers: Prima Petites: Clare, Dora, Evelyn, Haley,  Malia,  Vienna,
  3. Title: Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend
    Choreographer: Ms. Kalie Hunter
    Dancers: Shayla
  4. Title: Do You Want to Build a Snowman?
    Choreographer: Ms. Kalie Hunter
    Dancers: Harlow and Ella
  5. Title: Tangled
    Choreographer: Ms. Indiana
    Dancers: Minis (10:00 - 11:00):   Evelyn, Mila, Ella Rose, Gwen, Vbome, Stella, Aria J, Adeya, Thea, Samarra
  6. Title: Take it Easy On Me
    Choreographer: Ms. Kalie Hunter
    Dancers:  Sarah
  7. Title: Hakuna Matata
    Choreographer:  Ms. Indiana
    Dancers: (8:30 am - 9:00 am) Prima Tots:  Alayjah, Alish, Ameila, Ayanna, Blake, Cecellia, Ella, Hemavathi, Leah, Paisley, Summer, Ria, Rowen
  8. Title: Family Madrigal
    Choreographer: Ms. Erin
    Dancers: Prima Corps de Ballet: Amelia, Audrey, Chloe, Emily, Emma, Eva,  Isabella, 
  9. Title: Cinderella
    Choreographer: Ms. Indiana Mehta
    Dancers: 9am - 10am prima minis: Aria, Ashlyn, Beatriz, Doris, Khloe, Kiyomi, Olivia, Rose, Marlowe, Sia
  10. Title: Young and Beautiful
    Choreographer: Ms. Erin
    Dancers: Audrey and Amelia
  11. Title: The Heroic Weather Conditions of the Universe Part 1
    Choreographer: Ms. Erin
    Dancers: Prima Ballerinas: Ava, Sarah, Shayla
  12. Title: Girl on Fire
    Choreographer:  Ms. Indiana / Ms. Erin
    Dancers: Adult Ballet: Annette, Destiny, Heather
  13. Title: PROLOGUE
    Choreographer:  Ms. Maria
    Dancers: Prima Corps de Ballet: Chloe, Audrey, Emily, Isabella, Emma, Amelia
  14. Title: Beauty and the Beast
    Choreographer: Ms. Indiana
    Dancers: (Prima Minis 10:00 - 11:00):  Serah N, River, Rose, Sophia, Aditri, Olivia G, Mila S, Maya, Jessie, Paulette
  15. Title: Surface Pressure
    Choreographer:  Ms. Hunter
    Dancers: Prima Apprentice:  Abigail, Annabelle, Adelina, Dahlia, Mila, Ella, Eva, Harlow, Londynn
  16. Title: The Time of my Life
    Choreographer:  Ms. Maria
    Dancers: Prima Ballerinas: Ava, Sarah, Shayla
    15 MINUTE INTERMISSION   - warning the first dance after intermission is from a horror film. There is also a loud scream in the dance. You may want to keep younger dancers out until the next dance
  18. Title: You'll Float Too
    Choreographer:  Ms. Hunter
    Dancers:  Ava 
  19. Title: Cinderella 
    Choreographer:  Ms. Indiana 
    Dancers: Minis (9:00 - 10:00): Khloe, Doris, Olivia, Beatriz, Ashlyn, Kiyomi, Marlowe, Aria W.
  20. Title: Girl on Fire
    Choreographer:  Ms. Indiana
    Dancers: Adult Ballet: Annette, Destiny, Heather
  21. Title:  Naphula's Theme
    Choreographer:  Ms. Erin
    Dancers: Emily and Isabella 
  22. Title:  Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer
    Choreographer:  Ms. Hunter
    Dancers: Eva and Chloe 
  23. Title: Hakuna Matata
    Choreographer:  Ms. Indiana
    Dancers: (8:30 am - 9:00 am) Prima Tots:  Hema, Summer, Paisley, Blake, Leah, Rowen, Alayjah, Cecellia, Ameila, alish, Ella, Violet, Ayanna, Ria
  24. Title: Hallelujah
    Choreographer:  Ms. Hunter
    Dancers: Prima Corps de Ballet and Prima Corps de Ballet: Ava, Audrey, Chloe, Emily, Emma, Eva, Isabella, Sarah, Shayla
  25. Title: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
    Choreographer:  Ms. Maria
    Dancers: Prima Apprentice: Abigail, Adelina, Annabelle, Dahlia, Ella, Eva, Harlow, Londynn, Mila
  26. Title: Tangled
    Choreographer:  Ms. Indiana
    Dancers: Prima Minis (11:00 am - 12:00 pm): Aria J, Adeya, Ella-Rose,  Evelyn, Gwen, Mila, Saira, Samara, Stella, Thea, Vbome
  27. Title: The Imperial March
    Choreographer:  Ms. Hunter
    Dancers: Prima Ballerinas: Ava, Sarah, Shayla
  28. Title: Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride
    Choreographer:  Ms. Erin
    Dancers: Mila and Abigail 
  29. Title: The Black Pearl
    Choreographer:  Ms. Hunter
    Dancers: Emma  (Prima Corps de Ballet)
  30. Introduction of Teaching Assistant Program
    Prima Jr. Teacher: Ms. Ava                                      Prima Teaching Assistant: Ms. Sarah
  31. Title: Hot Honey Rag
    Choreographer:  Mr. Phill Nero
    Dancers: Ava and Sarah
  32. Title:  Winnie the Pooh
    Choreographer:  Ms. Indiana
    Dancers: Malia, Dora, Vienna, Haley, Evelyn, Clare 
  33. Title: Planetarium
    Choreographer:  Ms. Hunter
    Dancers: Prima Corps de Ballet: Audrey, Chloe, Emily, Emma, Eva, Isabella
  34. Title: Beauty and the Beast
    Choreographer:  Ms. Indiana
    Dancers: Prima Minis (10:00 am - 11:00 am): Aditri, Jessie, Lily, Maya, Mila, Olivia G, Paulette, River, Rose, Serah, Sophia
  35. Title: Potter Waltz
    Choreographer:  Ms. Erin
    Dancers: Prima Apprentice: Abigail, Adelina, Annabelle, Dahlia, Ella, Eva, Harlow, Mila, Londynn
  36. Title: KING OF NEW YORK
    Choreographer: Ms. Hunter
    Dancers: Performing Arts Class:  Ava, Adelina, Amelia, Dahlia, Eva, Sarah, Shayla
  38. FINAL Dance and Curtsey - ALL DANCERS ON STAGE

Safety, Dismissal & Sign-out:

Safety is our number one priority.

No child will be permitted to leave the theatre without their own parent that:

1) Is known to the Prima Ballet School staff
2) Must be the SAME parent who was present at sign-in.

Thank you in advance for your understanding, cooperation and assistance.