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Reason #99: Participation


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Participation in dance is a great vehicle to develop skills that can help children progress in other areas of their lives.

What are life skills?

Life skills can be defined as ranges of transferable skills that are needed by everyone to help them thrive. It is life skills that allow your child to be adaptive and display positive behaviour, enabling them to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. These skills are important for healthy development and preparing your child for the future. They enable them to succeed in the environment in which we live.

How do children in dance learn life skills?

It is not dance per se that teaches life skills, but the participation that enables a young person to transfer what they learn in one environment and transfer in to other areas of their life, such as school, at home, and even in the workplace as they get older. These life skills include:

  • Commitment – The health of a child’s motivation
    • Consistently high work ethic
    • Approach and embrace challenges
    • Take setbacks as learning opportunities 
  • Communication – The quality of a child’s interpersonal skills
    • Value of giving and receiving support
    • Connect respectfully and build relationships
    • Share and seek information
  • Concentration – The ability to focus and control attention
    • Awareness of where the ‘head’, the ‘eyes’ and the ‘body’ should be
    • Attending to music cues or people
    • Staying ‘on task’ in the midst of distractions
    • Refocusing after mistakes
  • Control – understanding and managing emotions
    • Awareness of emotions and how they affect performance
    • Use strategies (e.g. imagery, self-talk, breathing)
    • Compose themselves under pressure
    • Sense emotions in others and act accordingly
  • Confidence – The quality of a child’s self-belief
    • Maintain a positive, physical presence and body language
    • ‘No excuses’ mentality
    • Stay engaged, involved and available

Final Thoughts… Participation in dance is about more than just dance skills. It’s about life skills.

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