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Reason #81: Goal Setting


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Goal setting in any field is extremely important for progression and growth. Dance is no different. However, a lot of students tend to make the mistake of having only one overarching goal like getting "Pointe Shoes" or getting a solo onstage. One of the most valuable skills to learn in dance is how to develop different ‘tiers’ of goals. These different tiers work in a few ways:

  1. They allow your child to measure short-term growth
  2. They prevent your child from becoming frustrated or bored by long-term goals
  3. They give your child a road-map on how to structure their dancing

All three of these things are important for your child's dance development. Without short-term growth goals, dancers tend to hit ‘plateaus’ in which they feel frustrated and unable to improve. Sometimes this has to do with a long-term goal that they can’t quite reach yet, and sometimes this also stems from lacking a defined goal for their dance. Goal-setting gives your child a way to mark progress and to create a road-map for their future dancing success.

At Prima we help each dancer to set and achieve their goals.

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