Too much screen time?

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Hello , 

If you think that your kids might be spending too much time in front of a screen, then you are absolutely right.

Our daily lives have become digital. We work on computers, keep our phones on us all the time and come home to relax in front of the TV. Even our cars and our coffee machines are digital.

But that doesn’t mean it’s good for us, and sitting in front of a screen all day definitely isn’t good for our children. In fact, spending too much time in front of a screen can not only make kids gain weight, studies show that it also makes them sad, sleep poorly and develop concentration issues.

It’s really important to your child’s health, development and their relationship with you (and ultimately to other people in the outside world) that you spend time with them, doing non-tech, screen-free activities.

But what can you do with your kid that is screen-free? Parents often find it challenging to think of interesting non-tech activities to do with their kids. So we are here to help!

You can find ways to get small breathers that help you to keep moving. And Prima can help!

We appreciate you and your child and look forward to supporting you as a parent this summer and beyond.


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