Fall Dance starts September 10!

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The 7 Benefits of Dance Classes at Prima

Benefit 1: Build New Friendships & Develop Social Skills 

Your children will have the opportunity to meet other children with similar interests in a relaxed and safe setting. They will develop strong friendships and the skills to interact with other children.

Benefit 2: Enhance Creativity

Dance class provides a variety of fun activities for children of all ages while they learn new dance moves, play fun games, and develop their individuals means of creative expression.

Benefit 3: Stay Physically Active

Our dance programs encourage physical activity by having children participate in games and dance activities. Dance is an aerobic activity, which is good for people of all ages. It will also improve their flexibility, range of motion, physical strength, stamina, balance, and coordination.

Benefit 4: Improve Self-Confidence

Through new interactions with other children and learning dance and other arts children will learn performance skills, social skills, speaking in front of groups, leadership skills and so much more. Your children will feel a sense of accomplishment through participation in all activities which will help boost self-confidence

Benefit 5: Discover and Explore Talents, Interests and Values

Our dance classes enable children to try a variety of new activities and skills. This lets them delve into an area to which they haven't been previously exposed to learn about their own interests, talents and values.

Benefit 6: Learn Valuable Life skills

During their time at dance class, children will develop a variety of skills used in everyday life from teamwork to problem-solving to leadership.

Benefit 7: Beat Boredom

Above all, dance is fun! Instead of being at home, at dance children get to learn and grow in a fun and engaging setting.

Final Thoughts

Dance Classes at Prima have so much more than these 7 benefits. It is a place where your children will learn, grow and make memories. Our classes starts September 10 and will run until our recital in June. 

Join an unforgettable dance program at Prima! 

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