Elevate Your Artistry with Precision and Grace

While Prima Ballet School is a haven for community and support, it never loses sight of the pursuit of technical excellence. The school maintains a rigorous curriculum that ensures dancers receive comprehensive training, laying a solid foundation of technique and discipline.

Through regular assessments and performance opportunities, students are given the chance to showcase their progress, instilling a sense of accomplishment and fueling their passion for the art of dance.


Prima Tots (Ages 2-3)


Prima Minis (Ages 3-5)

Prima Minis (Ages 3-5)

Prima (Ages 6-8)

Prima Petites (Ages 6-8)

Prima (Ages 9-11)

Prima Apprentice (Ages 9-11)

Prima (Ages 11yrs +)

Prima Corps De Ballet (Ages 12-14)

Performing Arts Program

Prima Corps De Ballet (Ages 12-14)

Prima Adults (Ages 18+)

Prima Adults (Ages 18+)

voted Top Three Best Dance studio in Whitby

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